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Steps to download, install, and run Machine Link™ Quick Serve
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Download a free, fully functional trial that will install on Windows XP on up. This is not a demo but it is the actual software that can be used free for 45 days. You can register online or contact us for your registration code.

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If you need help with setup details, check out our Video Training Page for helpful hints. Remember, you can also phone us directly at (800) 838-3479.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and run the installer
  • Machine Link™ Quick Serve will quickly install on any Windows based computer (Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0, Vista or higher) under [START] [Programs] [Controlink Systems] [ML Quick Serve]

Getting started with Automating your Shop:

Remember, Machine Link™ Quick Serve is designed to automate the Send/Receive process. The operator will not need to walk back and forth between the computer and machine to transfer CNC program files. It is important that successfull communications are already in place before attempting to setup for automation.

We highly recommend visiting our Video Training Page for some helpful hints. Remember, you can also phone us directly at (800) 838-3479 - we have set up information on hand for many controls.

How to Register

After installing the software, it is fully functional and ready for immediate use. To register, you will need to enter the correct registration code.

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For help with registration, contact Controlink Systems LLC at (800) 838-3479.


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