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Quick Description:
Our Machine Link™ Binary software is very easy to use and extremely reliable. It will communicate with every CNC machine in your shop that supports standard RS-232 serial communications. It can be used to edit, print, upload, and download standard CNC program files and it can also transfer, receive, and edit binary data files. It is easy to configure and supports all standard character sets (ASCII, ISO, and EIA). It will also drip feed most CNC machines. The software runs on all versions of Windows from WIN95 on up (including Vista) and each copy can be configured for an unlimited number of machines.

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Machine Link™ Binary is identical to Machine Link™ but it can also be used to transfer and edit binary data files. It is a powerful tool with an interface that machinists like and understand.  As shown below, Binary File Support is managed through the menu bar by clicking Binary File and then one of the available options.

Note: Binary file transfers must be done by selecting Send Binary or Receive Binary File through the menu bar!

Binary File Support

To send a binary file, from the menu bar select Binary File, then choose Send Binary File. You will be prompted to select the file to transfer (as shown below). Double click the file or select the file and then click Open. The file will be transferred to the CNC machine. To receive a binary file, from the menu bar select Binary File, then choose Receive Binary File. When the transfer completes, you will be prompted to name the file.

Machine Link™ Binary can be used to edit binary data files using the HEX editor. From the menu bar select Binary File, then choose Open Binary File. Then click CNC Program and select HEX (as shown below) to view the file in HEX format. It is then possible to modify the binary file in HEX mode.

When your modifications are completed, from the menu bar select Binary File, then choose Save Binary File. You will then be prompted to enter a name for the binary file.

Note: Except for binary file transfers, Machine Link™ Binary and Machine Link™ operate identically. The remaining overview applies to both products.

Machine Link™ can be configured to communicate with any machine in your shop. It can also be configured for an unlimited number of different machine controls. Simply select the control name from the drop down list box (shown below) and Machine Link™ is ready to send and receive CNC program files using the communication parameters associated with that CNC machine tool.

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Machine Link™ is designed to be fast, efficient, and easy to use. A typical session involves either sending an existing CNC program to a selected machine control or receiving a CNC program from a machine control.

Sending CNC programs to a machine tool is simple:

  • Select the Machine Control to communicate with from the drop down list box
  • [OPEN] the CNC program file you want to send or type one into the editor
  • Prepare the machine tool to receive the file and click [SEND]
  • Machine Link™ will send the file using the configured communication settings

Note: It is also possible to send very large files directly from a disk without opening them into the editor (this feature conserves computer memory). From the menu bar select Operate, then choose Select & Write File from Disk (or press CTRL+W). You will then be prompted to select the CNC file to transfer. The entire file will be transferred but only small portions of the file will ever be brought into memory enabling large file transfers using any shop computer.

Note: Machine Link™ can also be used to send the same file repetitively without additional operator intervention – the same file is sent again and again each time the [CYCLE START] button is pressed at the machine tool. The operator never has to leave the machine tool to resend the job. The [Send Loop to CNC] option is initiated by selecting [Operate] from the menu bar and then choosing [Send Loop to CNC]. Simply click [CANCEL] to terminate the loop once the desired number of parts has been made.

Receiving a CNC program file from the machine tool is just as simple:

  • Select the Machine Control to communicate with from the drop down list box
  • Click [RECEIVE] to prepare Machine Link™ – send the file from the machine control
  • Machine Link™ will receive the CNC file and place it in the CNC Contents Window
  • Click [SAVE FILE] to store the program to a file name and location of your choice

Machine Link™ is equipped with the editing features you need to easily create, edit, print, and manage all of your CNC program files. Search and Replace capabilities are also available to simplify making speed/feed and other modifications to the entire CNC file or a selected block of text.

  • Click [OPEN FILE] to load a CNC program file into the Machine Link™ editor window. If a file is already loaded, Machine Link™ will prompt you to either replace the current file [REPLACE] with the selected file or to [MERGE] (insert at last cursor position) or [APPEND] (place on end) the selected file with the current CNC program. The merge location is clearly displayed for your convenience. This makes it easy to combine new and existing CNC code.
  • Click [SAVE FILE] to save the contents of Machine Link's™ editor window to a file name and location of your choice. By default, Machine Link™ will write the entire CNC program to the file. However, if you select a block of text with the cursor prior to clicking [SAVE FILE], Machine Link™ will enable you to save only the selected block of text or the entire contents to a file name of your choice.
  • Printing saved CNC progam files from your computer is easy. From the tool bar select [File], and then [Print CNC File]. Machine Link™ will print the selected file to your default printer (instant hardcopy for the job folder). It is no longer necessary to edit/copy/paste to a different piece of software just to get a hardcopy of your CNC program.
  • Machine Link™ will also sort and print directory listings which include file name(s), their size, and last modificaiton date/time. The directory listing is printed with a header clearly indicating the name of the selected directory and the date/time of printing. This is an awesome feature to help manage your CNC program files. From the menu bar select [File] then choose [List DIR Contents]. Machine Link™ will automatically display the last directory that files were either retrieved from or saved to.

Machine Link™ is loaded with helpful information about its features. From the tool bar select [Help], and then [Show Help] to activate a useful help window. When this feature is active, Machine Link™ will display a descriptive help message whenever the cursor is moved over a control. As an example, the below help message was displayed when hovering over the [OPEN FILE] button.

Notice Key Navigation : F3, you can click [OPEN FILE] or press Function Key F3 to open a CNC program file. Using the function keys F4 for [SEND], F5 for [RECEIVE], F6 for [SAVE FILE] will speed up operation. You can run this software and never use the mouse.

You can personalize Machine Link™ by selecting Edit, Preferences from the menu bar. You can select your own screen color and manage other preferences.

Setting your Preferences

Registering your software is quick and easy and does NOT require an Internet connection. However, you will need your Software Code (an example code is shown below). Once you have your Software Code, either phone us at (800) 838-3479 or use our online Automated Registration Service. For online orders, copy the Software Code and paste it into the order form when prompted. A Registration Code and your order details will be emailed to you immediately following credit card processing. Once you have your Registration Code, enter it and click [Register Now]. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Registration is Quick and Easy!

Machine Link™ streamlines the process of sending and receiving CNC programs. It was developed with the everyday user in mind by Controlink Systems LLC, a company that understands machining.

Thank you for choosing Machine Link™ Binary!

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