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Fast - Easy - Reliable DNC software solutions for your shop!

Check out Machine Link Quick Serve to fully automate your shop! It supports new and old CNC equipment at a price that can't be beat!

Do you want DNC Software that every machinist in your shop will understand regardless of their computer skill? Are you looking for a reliable software package to communicate with every CNC machine in your shop, regardless of its age or control type? Our products are designed with you in mind - they will streamline your daily operations!

"Five minutes after install, we were sending and saving programs..."

Download a free 45-day trial to experience the full benefits of Machine Link™ in your shop today! It will quickly communicate with every machine in your shop that supports standard RS232 serial communications.

Free DNC Software Trial

Machine Link™ is a valuable tool and sells for $195 - it's priced low only because it belongs on every PC in the shop - just like a screw driver belongs in every tool box. Plus, Machine Link™ is our foundational product and is very useful to establish and validate communications with every machine in the shop. We've been making machinists' lives easier for years and we’ve never had a disappointed customer. You won’t be either!

Controlink Systems LLC develops DNC software, ethernet, and wireless hardware solutions for any CNC machine shop. Our products will keep your machinists focused on cutting metal and "making chips," not learning to operate another software package.

According to our customers, our DNC software products are very reliable and easy to use. They are streamlined to improve productivity and will communicate with any CNC machine tool. We also provide communication hardware (including wireless and Ethernet based products) that can accommodate the technical needs of any shop.

Our customers love our service, support, and willingness to help! Simply call (800) 838-3479 and you will speak with a real person who can help you (even during your trial period). We have never found a CNC machine we couldn't talk with!

Our range of expertise includes:

  • DNC software and hardware solutions
  • Monitor and control machining processes
  • Sensor selection, design, integration, and calibration
  • Non-contact gauging systems for part identification and measurement
  • Engineering projects to develop customized software interfaces and modules
  • Relational database development for data management
  • Signal conditioning and complex signal analysis
  • Data acquisition computers and hardware
  • Industrial control strategies
  • Multi-Axis motion control

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